From an early age I knew exactly what I wanted to do, serve others and help them live their best life now. I started helping people buy and sell real estate in 2008. I was young and the market was tough, and I knew I needed real life experience if I was going to be a valuable asset to anyone. Answering the desire to serve other’s I joined the US Navy as a helicopter Search and Rescue Swimmer in 2010.


I never lost my passion for real estate and continued to follow the markets. Now, more than ten years later I’m building on the values and principals I gained while serving as a SAR Swimmer. “So Other’s May Live” That’s the motto we live by. It means we are willing to put it all on the line in an effort to ensure a complete stranger enjoys their future. While that motto has a special place in my heart, and always will, my Real Estate business has it’s own motto:

“Live Your Best Life Now!”